We intend to make a difference by causing a ripple effect in people’s lives. As a team, it has always been about more than us, we put focus on sympathy and compassion. Our vision is big, no child should ever feel like a victim of circumstance. In essence, what brought us together is Cat’s Eye, a comprehensive system that would detect violence and help with its prevention in schools. Hamid with his years of experience in management is the CEO of our company and cares deeply about the company’s mission. Yasaman intends to raise awareness about Cat’s Eye’s mission so that the system would be used to ensure the safety of every child. Glozad, as a female developer has relentlessly worked on the project to make a difference in something that matters greatly to her. Our CTO, Ahmad, with his keen eye on the matter, has constantly helped with research to improve and debug the system. What we all have in common is our passion for this project. To us, the matter of bullying is personal. It affects everyone involved and we believe that we all deserve a better future.

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