Do I Need to Buy New Hardware to Be Able to Use Your Product? Can I Install Your Software on My Current CCTV Cameras?

Our services can be integrated with current IP/CCTV cameras at schools. So, you won’t need to pay any extra expenses for any hardware.

What Is Your Key Differentiator From Alternative Products in the Market?

Our product is specialized in detecting bullying at schools; it will detect all types of bullying while other similar products can only detect vaping and physical aggression in some cases.

What Do You Mean by "All Types of Bullying"?

Unlike what most people may think, bullying is not necessarily aggression, it can be racist or sexual behavior, damaging someone’s social reputation, encouraging others to socially exclude someone, etc. For further information click here.

How Will I Receive the Alerts? Should I Install an App on My Phone?
In the first step, you will receive alerts only through SMS, but in near future when we release Cat’s Eye mobile app, you can have more information on your phone.
Does Your Anti-Bullying System Provide Full Coverage of the Entire School Premises?
It depends on your school internal design and the number and place of installed cameras.
Does the message that your software sends us as an alert, contain involved students' names?
No, we won’t enter student names into our database. Cat’s Eye only notifies school authorities so that they can get to the location more immoderately and prevent the occurrence.
Do you provide us with a report of the violence which was happened in our school?

Toggle ContentYes, we are programming a dashboard that the related staff like the principal and the admins who are responsible for school disciplines will be able to see the charts in it and export a report with the information they want. Plus, they can add/edit the information about the staff, location, devices, etc.

Where do you store recorded videos?
To protect students’ and schools’ privacy, we won’t record and/or store any data, Cat’s Eye only analzes camera data in real-time.
What is your pricing strategy?

We charge our customers for a monthly subscription. So that they can benefit our after-sales service and support on a monthly basis. This strategy enables us to provide ongoing support for our customers and reserve the right for them to continue using our services as long as they find them useful and are satisfied with them.

Do you provide your services only for schools or we can use them in workplaces and any other public places?

Right now, we only focus on this segment of the market (schools), and our product is specialized for bullying at schools but we hope that we can support other segments of the market in the future.