A Story by Gwynbleidd, Age: 16

I have been dealing with a bully at school for a while now. He and his buddies pick on me every now and then and I’m lucky if I get away with just a few random words of kindness they throw my way generously. Yesterday things got a bit out of hand when they cornered me just because they were bored, and I ended up with a couple of bruises and a bleeding nose. I haven’t told anyone at school or at home about this because it would only make things worse. Instead, I said “I had an accident trying to learn how to skate” which I don’t by the way. To be honest, at this point it feels like this is the most convenient way to deal with things for everyone. I mean even my parents didn’t think twice about the obvious lie I told them. They just asked me to be more careful next time. Really? Next time? I don’t know maybe I’m too harsh on them, but isn’t it every parents’ “job” to care about their children and feel it when they’re in trouble? Not that I want them to butt in and make things worse for me but still it would have been nice to know that someone actually cares. I don’t have anyone to talk to really, so I usually get online and try to find places where I can just think out loud for a while and it usually helps a bit, but tonight… I don’t know I’m just too tired and I don’t want to go back to school tomorrow.