A Story by George, Age: 16

Hey, let me share my story with you. I’m a 16-year-old guy, and man. I’ve been dealing with some serious anger issues lately. It all goes back to my middle school days when I got bullied by those other kids. They made fun of me all the time because I stutter and I’m a bit […]

A Story by Emily, Age: 20

I want to share my story, the one that shaped me. When I was growing up, I struggled a lot with my mental health. I felt really sad most of the time and even thought about hurting myself. It all started when I was a kid and got bullied a lot by my classmates in […]

A Story by Justin, Age: 28

I’m Justin, in my late twenties, doing a psychology course at Langara College, BC. I found your website while searching for some articles on school violence for my paper. I looked through the stories others had written, and it refreshed some bitter memories of my own school days, which I’d like to share with you.

A Story by Mary Ann, Age: 15

People can be so cruel sometimes. I don’t like sounding like every teenage girl ever but maybe the stereotype of the moaning teenager who thinks “nobody gets them” has something to do with others being dismissive of their feelings and what they’re going through. I don’t think people stop feeling that nobody gets them when […]

A Story by Gwynbleidd, Age: 16

I have been dealing with a bully at school for a while now. He and his buddies pick on me every now and then and I’m lucky if I get away with just a few random words of kindness they throw my way generously. Yesterday things got a bit out of hand when they cornered […]

A Story by Skygazer 1001, Age: 17

Ever since I started going to school I’ve felt what isolation means first-hand. I remember I heard the word indigenous from my 2nd-grade teacher and in my naivety, I found it an extremely fun word to say, but immediately afterward I understood that this word would only mean that “he’s not one of us”. I […]

A Story by Silvie, Age: 36

It’s never easy being a kid, trying to discover who you are, and where it is that you stand in this world, but if there is one thing life has taught me it’s that things can always get worse. I come from what can only be described as a turbulent family who didn’t have time […]