6 Ways Teachers Can Stop Bullying in Schools

Consider your classroom. Imagine your students right now. One in three of them has probably experienced bullying. What can you do about it as a teacher? According to the National Center for Education, more than 20% of children report being bullied. This startling percentage is especially shocking in light of the numerous negative effects bullying […]

What Is Bullying in School and How to Deal With It?

No one deserves to be bullied for any reason, particularly in school Schools have taken different approaches to address bullying: implementing an anti-bullying curriculum, requiring parental involvement, expulsion or suspension of the bully, or simply banning any forms of bullying (verbal or otherwise). But what is school bullying, and what are the best ways to […]

Anti-bullying Government Laws and School Policies – How to Do Better

Bullying is a prevalent problem infesting homes, schools, and the online world. Although measures have been taken to tackle the issue, the story is far from over. What can the government, schools, and students’ parents do to improve their safety and welfare? Are there any laws that protect children against bullying?

Funny or Bullying? Cyberbullying Poses a Serious Threat to Teenagers Online

With widespread access to the internet, bullies have set foot in the safest place known to a teenager, home. Cyberbullying is the repeated act of harassment, abuse, or intimidation that affects numerous young lives. Cyberbullying can frequently be mistaken for humor or friendly banter, but where do we draw the line?

Adult Health Consequences of Childhood Bullying

Recent studies have shown that the effects of bullying still display themselves nearly 4 decades later. Childhood bullying contributes to the development of poor mental, physical, and socioeconomic conditions.

Bullying Prevention in Schools

Although bullying has been dismissed as routine behavior among students for many years, there is a large body of research that indicates that bullying behavior – physical, verbal, or emotional harm which is done intentionally and repeatedly due to an imbalance of power between a perpetrator and a victim – has direct negative effects on […]

Serious Adverse Effects of Bullying on Bystanders

Many studies conducted on the subject of the effects of bullying have shown that witnesses may develop more mental health problems than either the bullies or the victims themselves. Furthermore, in comparison with children who are not exposed to any violence children and adolescents who are exposed to violence inside their families or at school […]

Pink Shirt Day: A Day to Celebrate Diversity

Bullying is a severe problem in schools, workplaces, homes, and over the Internet. To raise public awareness, we celebrate Pink Shirt Day on the last Wednesday of February in Canada each year. It is an excellent opportunity to respect diversity and signify the stand against bullying. We wear pink shirts, host pink-themed parties, and run […]